Family Yard Work Day

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We’ve let the yard go for some time now, and thankfully my husband announced that last Saturday we would all work together to, uh … make it less scary.

Don't go in the backyard -- you might get lost!

Don’t go in the backyard — you might get lost!


My oldest daughter had trouble dragging herself out of bed, and then complained that she couldn’t go to Kohls because we were doing yard work. Meanwhile, my son was shrieking, “This is gonna take all day!”

But once we got going it was nice. The weather was perfect, and my son had fun pushing the wheelbarrow around.

planting marigolds

My younger daughter and I planted some marigolds together in the front yard, along with some basil, lentil beans, green bell peppers, and tomatoes.

planting marigolds

Planting marigolds

Other tasks included power washing the driveway, cutting down tree branches, and trimming the hedges.

I’ll be sure to give an update on our garden in a couple weeks!

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