Clothes for 18 Inch Dolls

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Clothes for 18 inch dolls

Since I have two daughters, I know all about American Girl dolls.

My oldest daughter, Rachael was crazy about the AG magazine for a couple years, making many of the crafts, taking all the quizzes, and even planning and hosting two of the parties.

In addition, we have several¬†American Girl dolls (funded almost exclusively by my parents — we would not have spend hundreds of dollars on dolls. The girls used to film the dolls doing various things:

Prank Wars! (An American Girl Short)

Since we’re lucky enough to live 30 minutes away from an American Girl Bistro, we had Rachael’s eighth birthday party there.

Birthday party at American Girl Store in Atlanta

Rachael at American Girl Doll Store dressed as Josephina


Party American Girl Doll Store in Atlanta

Rebecca and Kit at American Girl Doll Store


One of the fun things about American Girls dolls (or their less expensive equivalents) is dressing them up, and if you can do it without going broke, even better. Here are some outfits I liked that look a little cheaper than buying them directly through the American Girl store.

Pajamas for 18-inch Dolls

My girls used to have lots of slumber parties with their dolls.

Sports Clothes for Dolls

Rebecca had Mia, a girl-of-the-year doll who was an ice skater. I remember the girls lining up other dolls and animals in the kitchen to watch Mia give her skating performance.

Doll Outfits that Come with Hats

Hats are always fun — the only problem is that sometimes they get lost.

Shoes for 18 inch Dolls

I don’t remember us ever getting just a pair of shoes for the dolls, but apparently you can.


If you need any tips on how to keep your American Doll Clothes fresh and clean, here’s a video that Rachael put together a few years ago.

How to Wash Clothes for Your 18-inch American Girl Doll (by my daughter Rachael)

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