Club Cool at Epcot

Club Cool at Epcot

Club Cool is a little store located near Innoventions West in Future World at Epcot. It sells Coca-Cola merchandise and offers self-serve free samples of eight different Coca-Cola soft drinks from different countries around the world.

It’s a nice little treat, especially if you’ve been out walking in the heat for a long time. Also, I imagine most people have a tiny sense of triumph at getting something at Disney World for free.

The older I get, the less interested I am in soda, especially “weird” flavors like grape and cherry vanilla, but I did have a little cup of Bilbo, a fruit-flavored lime juice from South Africa that was the girls’ favorite.

They told me that Beverly, from Italy, has a really bitter taste and is awful.

One of the workers say that Rebecca and I were looking for hidden Mickeys and pointed us in the right direction. This is a clever one — it appears when the doors slide open and the two doors are superimposed.

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