Cake Decorating by Rebecca

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Twelve year old Rebecca has been dying to take a cake decorating class for several months now with little luck.

First I tried to sign her up for a homeschool cupcake decorating class, which she was thrilled about … but it was full.

Then we saw that Michael’s was hosting a “Scary and Hairy Halloween Cupcake Decorating Class,” and we signed her up and she was ecstatic … but it was cancelled because no one else signed up.

Then¬†we were told that she could take the “Teens and Adults” Wilton Course One class, and she was very excited … and no one else signed up. (Not only that, but they never told us that, so we sat in the classroom alone wondering where the teacher and the rest of the class were.)

Finally they got her into a morning class (one of the perks of homeschooling), and her first class was today. Here’s what she made.


Cake Step one

Frosting nice and smooth


cake step three

Decorating the outline

Finished cake

The finished product!

She described it by saying, “It was supposed to be an acorn, but it ended up looking more like mistletoe.”

I was particularly impressed with the … well, there’s probably a name for it, but the edges.

I’m looking forward to seeing what she does next week.

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