Baked Cheese Crisps — A quick and healthy snack

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Low-Carb Baked Cheese Chips


As I’ve mentioned, over the several weeks, we — quite accidently — stumbled upon some podcasts and books that made me want to cut carbs out of diet.

Well, at least a little. I mean, let’s not get too crazy here.

Once unfortunate problem I’ve discovered from “carb elimination” is that eating is … well, more work than it used to be. For example, this breakfast smoothie recipe that started the whole thing is good, but it requires things like getting out the blender and measuring stuff. It’s a little different from grabbing a granola bar as you walk out the door, or plopping down on the couch with a bowl of cold cereal.

Basically, I wanted a low-carb food that was not only quick and easy, but portable.

These baked cheese chips meet that requirement. They can be ready in less than ten minutes and require no measuring (at least not the way I do it). Even better, you can make extra to grab for a snack on the go later.

This is one of those recipess that’s so simple, you can hardly even call it a “recipe,” but here goes …


Baked Cheese Chips

Ingredients: Shredded cheddar and/or mozzarelle cheese (see my comments below), grated parmesan cheese, and optional (but recommended) basil or oregano.

Directions: Dump everything into a bowl and mix together. Drop in tablespoons onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. (I have heard that if you use aluminum foil, it does not end happily.)

Bake at 350 for 8-9 minutes.

Plate of baked cheese chips

My daughter Rebecca described them as being like a Cheez-It cracker. I would argue that they’re a little better because the cheese taste is much stronger.

Personally, I like these better when the ratio of cheddar to mozzarella leans heavier on the mozzarella side. I mean, seriously, how can anything with plenty of mozzarella cheese be bad? I’m sure that you could experiment with all kinds type of cheeses to find your own favorite combination.

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