Our Annual Strawberry Picking Trip

When I first started this site, it was originally on Blogger and called “Strawberries, Seinfeld, and Swimming” because my first post was about going strawberry picking, I had recently watched some Seinfeld reruns, and we were getting ready to meet some friends at the pool.

Plus, I guess I like alliteration and groups of three.

Now here it is, almost a full year and 137 posts later, and we’re going strawberry picking again.

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields Forever


My first time strawberry picking was in 2005 when the girls had just turned four and two, and Benjamin didn’t even exist yet. I remember the girls, especially Rebecca, being more interested in playing in the sandy areas as they were picking the strawberries.

Now 13 year old Rebecca is the only one who still goes with me. She picks quickly. We arrived, picked and paid four four gallons of strawberries, and were gone within 35 minutes.

Rebecca and her strawberries

Rebecca and her strawberries


Once we get some cream in the house, she plans to make some strawberry ice cream, among other things, so stay tuned for some good photos and recipes!


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