Our Years of Santa Visits

santa visits over the years

I’m not at all interested in having a debate on whether or not families should or shouldn’t have Santa be a part of their Christmas,

However, I thought you might find it interesting to read about our family’s interactions with Santa over the years — especially the past years, when they (and, unfortunately, I) were much younger.

We spent many years attending a “Breakfast with Santa” at a local church.

Teens from the church were dressed up as elves and served the food, while about 7-8 booths were set up around the edges of the room with various simple crafts. I remember the kids getting their faces painted, making pipe cleaner candy canes (kinda like the ones in the video below), snowman crafts, and a big reindeer bag to keep everything in.

Chenille Stem Candy Cane Ornament

And of course we would wait on line to see Santa. I believe my kids always had a list prepared.

We also set out cookies and milk every year with a mug-and-plate set that my in-laws gave us when the kids were really little. I remember many years ago, there was a time or two that a girl would write a note to go with the cookies, and Santa would answer. We also often put out the Reindeer Food that the kids make at the Breakfast with Santa.

We recently saw a Shark Tank episode with a product called “Hoppy Paws.” We certainly never did anything that elaborate, but I do remember when the kids were very little, Rob moved the fireplace grate over to the side to make it look like there had been some “fireplace action.”

Santa always left candy canes on the tree, and of course everybody liked finding things in their stockings. Usually stocking treats were nothing fancy — sunflower seeds, candy, make some cute stickers and pencils.
These days, we no longer have children who “believe in” Santa Claus. We went very suddenly, it seemed, from everyone believing (or at least pretending to) to nobody believing anymore.
I think, though, that we will still “have Santa” at Christmastime — presents from Santa, at the very least, and candy canes left mysteriously on the tree, and stockings with little treats left in them.
Maybe instead of leaving cookies for Santa, we can spend December making cookies for library workers, our church staff, and firefighters and police officers. I think that would be a nice shift.
What have been some of ¬†your own family’s experiences with Santa? Let me know if the comments!


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