Waterproof Boots for Girls

Waterproof Boots for Girls

I was raised in the northeast, but my daughter were born and raised here in the southeast.

It’s amusing to me that they have no idea what snowpants or thermal underwear are. They rarely need mittens or gloves (and half the time when they do, we can’t find them or don’t have any that currently fit).

My own childhood memories of sitting in the school hallway by my locker either tugging boots on over my sneakers or taking my shoes off so I could exchange them for boots would be totally foreign to them.

Depending on where you live, your daughters might need waterproof snow boots or rain boots or both. I went poking around and found some that I really liked.

Snow Boots for Girls

These boots are look cute, sturdy, and very warm. Most of them come in sizes ranging from toddler to “big girl.”


Rain Boots for Girls

Even if you’re like us and live somewhere that it rarely snows, you might want some good, waterproof rain boots for your girls.My younger daughter, for example, loved to play and dance in the rain out in the driveway when she was about five or six years old. Some kids just can’t resist the urge to stomp puddles in the parking lots and curbs, no matter how many times you tell them not to. And if your kids walk to school, then some good boots are probably essential.

I thought these boots were stylish as well as getting the job done. Being the Disney fan that I am, my favorite are the Anna and Elsa ones.


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