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Listening to Hamilton

Hamilton the musical

One nice thing about having teenagers is that get to learn about … well, I would say “learn about what’s hip,” except that I’ve been informed that the word “hip” is totally outdated slang, so maybe …well, let’s just say…

Video — Our Trip to the GA Aquarium

Fish in the Great Barrier Reef at the GA Aquarium

Early one morning a few weeks ago, Benjamin asked Robert if he could go with him to his office for the day. The answer was “sure,” and the two of them were off. Rebecca and I figured that if they…

Video Slideshow — Rebecca’s Artwork

Drawing of Anna and Elsa from Frozen

I discovered a site called Animoto that lets you create pretty nice video slideshows quickly and easily. I made this one of some of Rebecca’s recent artwork. The piano music in the background is me playing “She’s Got a Way”…