Trivia About my Favorite Disney Movie

I decided a couple years ago that Mary Poppins is officially my favorite Disney movie.

I love the songs, I love the penguins, I love the way Mrs. Banks says she needs eggs because “we’re going to throw things at the Prime Minister.”

We watched this last night for … I don’t know, about the third time (not counting the two or three times I’d seen it before I had kids.) Then I did some Google searches.

Some interesting Mary Poppins facts from imdb:

1) The children actors weren’t told about some of the “surprises” in the movie. At about 1:12 in this video, the actress playing Jane gives a genuine shriek.


2) The kids also didn’t see this one coming:

3) The actor who played Michael was afraid of heights, so they bribed him with an extra ten cents every time they did a take of this scene:

4) Many of the “nannnies” in this scene were stuntmen in drag.

5) It took a week to film the “Step in Time” sequence. (I also found it interesting that Dick Van Dyke apparently never had any dance training before making this film.

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