5 Tinkerbell Costumes — for Adults!

tinkerbell costumes for adult women

These five pretty Tinkerbell costumes are all for adults.

I have a distant, yet definite memory of going trick-or-treating dressed as Tinkerbell when I was five years old. I don’t remember much about my costume except that I was wearing one of those plastic masks from the 70’s with the eyeholes and thin rubber string that ties around the back of your head — remember those?

Well, it turns out that I can dress up as Tinkerbell yet again! (sans the mask this time.) There are plenty of Tinkerbell costumes for adult women out there these days. Below I posted five of the most popular ones.

I think my favorite is the “Sexy and Sparkly Tink” (complete with wand!), although I’m not sure if I could pull that off.

5 Tinkerbell Costumes for Adults


#1Tinkerbell costume for adults
Pixie Dust Tink Costume for Adults

#2Leg Avenue Classic Tinkerbell costumes for adults
Adult Classic Tinkerbell Costume

#3Sexy and Sparkly Tinkerbell fairy Costumes for adults
Sexy and Sparkly Tink for Adults

#4Tinkerbell fairy Costumes for adults
Adult Tinkerbell Fairy Costume

#5Adult Tinkerbell Costume
Adult Deluxe Tinkerbell Costume



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