Three Fluffy Snowy Owl Christmas Ornaments

Fluffy Snowy owl christmas ornaments

An owl isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of snow and Christmas ornaments — in fact, it’s not even the first animal that comes to mind.

However, I discovered these “Snowy Owls” ornaments and thought they were really cute. The almost-pure-white aspect gives them beautiful and cozy look, and I love the fact that they look winter-y without looking overtly Christmas-y. Sure, they’d look great in a Christmas tree, but they’d probably also look great hanging from a tree, or maybe the front porch or even some sort of bush, in January and February as well.

All three of these snowy owls are adorable, but I think I like the third one the best — maybe because they come with a built-in friend!


Snowy Owl on Branch Ornament

White Snowy Owl on Branch Christmas Ornament

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This owl ornament is four inches and made of styrofoam and faux fur, feathers, and wood. It comes with a white cord for hanging.


Snowy Feather Owl Christmas Ornament

White Feather Snowy Owl Christmas Ornament

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This owl is six inches tall, so it’s slightly larger than a typical ornament. It’s made of polyfoam and rubber and has a flat back for easier display on a tree.


Set of 2 Snowy Owl Christmas Ornaments

Set of 2 Snowy Owl Christmas Ornaments

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These snowy owl friends are five and a half inches tall and stand perched a on polyfoam base. They would be perfect sitting on the mantel or as a table centerpiece.


Glass Blown Snowy Owl Christmas Ornament


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My favorite thing about this ornament because of the little bit of green on the bottom. It gives it a little color without being gaudy. In contrast to the feathery ornaments, this one is made of molten glass that is mouth-blown and then hand-painted. It is six inches tall.


 Rustic Owl Christmas Tree Ornament


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This is the owl ornament for you if you like the “rustic country decor” look. This white owl has a foam body and pinecone wing and is sitting on a little spring of evergreen needles with red berries. He is five inches tall and includes a string for hanging. The red and green helps give this ornament a little more of a specific Christmasy feel.


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