Three Adorable “Scottie Dog” Christmas Ornaments!

Scottie Dog Christmas Ornaments

If you’re a Scottie dog owner, you can show off your love for your furry friend with some Christmas ornaments in their liking. And if you know a Scottie owner, these ornaments would make great gifts.


¬†Whenever I see Scottie dogs, the first thing I think of is picture book I had as a kid named Angus and the Ducks, a story about a curious Scottish terrier named Angus who wiggles through a little hole in the hedge and meets … well, some ducks.
Angus and the Ducks by Margorie Flack book about Scottie dog

Angus and the Ducks

And the second thing I think of when I see Scottie dogs is Jock from Lady and the Tramp:

Lady and the Tramp — Jock’s Song


I’ve never owned a Scottish terrier, but have heard that they are independent, intelligent, fiercely loyal, and have powerful barks that make them excellent watchdogs.

I found these three Scottie Dog ornaments for people who have a Scottie dog they love — or for people who just like dogs!¬†


Magnetic Scottie Dog Christmas Ornament

Scottie Dog and doghouse Christmas Ornament with magnetic back

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This three inch ornament has a magnetic back and black name plate, making it easy to personalize with a Sharpie marker.


Scottie Dog Christmas Ball Ornament

Round green Scottie dog christmas ornament ball

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This green shatterproof ornament of a realistic Scottie dog is topped with a bow and comes in a gift box.


Personalized Scottie Dog Christmas Ornament

Round personalized Scottie Dog Christmas Ornament

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This round polyresin ornament can also be personalized (on the bone) with a Sharpie.

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