Our Reviews of Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free Products

Reviews of gluten free trader joes products

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve decided to go Gluten-Free for a minimum of three months. So I thought I should check out some of the gluten-free products out there.

Now, by no means do I plan to spend my days eating packaged GF crackers, and cookies. For one thing, it would cost a fortune. For another, it kind of defeats the purpose, especially since I’m also trying to cut way back on carbs.

Still, I wanted to see what was out there, mostly so I could have the comfort of knowing that I didn’t have to completely say goodbye to bagels and boxes of cookies forever.

So here’s what we tried, and what everybody had to say.

Gluten-Free Plain Bagels

Trader Joe Gluten free bagels

Rebecca and I had these lightly toasted with cream cheese. Benjamin had his plain. Rachael doesn’t like bagels.

Rebecca said that the edges were a little less crispy and less smooth that a regular bagel, and that the flavor was a little less bland. Overall, though, she liked them and said she would definitely eat them again. Benjamin said he couldn’t tell any difference. I thought they were about as good as any other store-bought bagel (which always suffer in comparison to a good bakery bagel.)

Gluten-Free Pizza

Trader Joe Gluten free pizza

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any GF pizza at Trader Joe’s that had stuff on it, like sausage or mushrooms. All they had was this cheese pizza that had sliced tomatoes on it.

Rachael doesn’t like pizza.

The remaining four of us who are normal people all thought it was fine. Again, I’m not a huge fan of store-bought pizza in general. I will say that I didn’t like it as much as say, Digiorno or Freschetta. (Oh, wait — I see that both of those also make a GF pizza, so I need to check that out as well.)


Gluten-Free Joe-Joe’s

Gluten free Jos jos with milk and box

These were really good. Benjamin and I wouldn’t have known the difference between them and regular Joe-Joes. Rebecca said they “were a little more grainy” than the regular ones, but they tasted exactly the same.


Gluten-Free Soft-Baked Snickerdoodles

Trader Joe Soft baked snickerdoodles

I guess we were in such a hurry to eat these that we never got a photo, so I used the one from Amazon.

They were really good. The main thing we noticed was that the box was so small. The five of us finished it within a few minutes, and probably would have eaten a few more if there were more.

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