Puppet Theaters for Kids

Puppet Theaters for Kids

Puppet theaters for kids can provide a lot of fun for homes, schools, or churches. There are just so many different things you can do with dramatic play.

My kids have done all kinds of things, from the girls putting on a musical production of “Stuffed Annie Jr” with a cast of stuffed animals to all three of them putting on a play, complete with costumes, about The Great Wall of China. And Rebecca has a very extensive collection of puppets that she has used to create many videos.

Wooden Puppet tree holder for kids

Rebecca’s puppet collection

One thing that’s nice about a puppet theater is that it takes up less space compared to putting on a full-blown play. It also makes a show seem more “official” that just having the puppets appear over the back of the couch, like my kids usually did.

Here are three different theater I did some research on.

Tabletop Puppet Theater for Kids

Tabletop Puppet Theater for Kids

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This tabletop theater comes with a double-sided backdrop so you can change the scenes, plus velvet curtains that come up and down. It easy to assemble and put away. However, it doesn’t stay “permanently” attached and can easily fall apart if you pick it up. If you imagine that your kids will want to move their theater around while they play with it, this probably wouldn’t be the best choice.


Kids’ Wooden Puppet Theater

Kids Wooden Tabletop Puppet Theater

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This wooden puppet theater comes all in one piece with ends that fold in. The only thing you need to do is slide in the “banner sign” that at the top. One thing I love is that the sign reverses to become a chalkboard, so kids can write in a title or description for each show.



Finger Puppet Theater for Kids


Finger Puppet Theater Stage for kids

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This puppet theater is made of soft plush and foam. It’s small, making it very portable, and has a little pocket for storing the puppets. The curtains can open and close with Velcro straps.



Which of these three theaters do you think would be best for your kids?

Before you go — take a moment to check out this video Rebecca made (with the help of some other family members.) It stars her first and most gregarious puppet, Kimberly Mupp.

Kimberly Mupp Explains the Juno Mission

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