Christmas Dresses for Babies

Pretty Christmas Dresses for Babies

Yes, it’s August, not November or December … but as I type this, my two youngest kids are looking on the Internet together considering items to add to their Christmas list. And, as any organized person knows, the more “Christmas stuff” you can take care before Halloween, the better.

So here I am, writing a blog post about Christmas dresses.

Obviously, since my youngest kids are on the Internet, I don’t have any babies anymore, which possibly makes it more fun to look at baby clothes than if I actually did. When you’re long past the baby stage, you’re able to stand back and ooh and ahh about how cute things are, instead of wondering when you’ll ever be able to sleep again or think about how dirty that outfit is going to get in approximately three minutes.

For that reason, it seems like dresses like this are more likely to be purchases by people buying a gift as opposed to the actual baby’s parent.

I could be wrong. But I know that when I had babies, my mother spent a LOT more time than I did shopping for cute baby clothes. I mostly spent my time happily accepting the hand-me-downs and gifts I was given, and considered myself lucky if I could just keep up with the laundry.

Okay, so here are four adorable dresses I found on Amazon that I liked a lot. The plaid dress (which also comes in dark green) is definitely the one that my mother would have been most likely to buy for my girls.

The ones on the far left and far right are cute because they come with “extra stuff” — as long as you’re okay with the fact that some piece will probably get lost, maybe within hours. (Unless maybe you’re way more organized than I am.)


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