Pink Christmas Tree Ornaments

Pretty pink Christmas tree ornaments

I know pink is often considered to be a “little girl color,” — but I’m in my mid-forties and not ashamed to say that I love pink!

Now, I can’t wear pink at all — I’m an Irish redhead (or, more accurately, an “auburn-head”) and both pink and red look horrible on me. But I love pink on other people who can wear it well. One of my daughters is blond and looks gorgeous in pink. I’ve ever seen men wearing pink shirts that look very flattering.

And, of course, I love pink anything-I’m-not-wearing.

I found these four pink Christmas tree ornaments on Amazon recently, and I love all of them!


Pink Snowflake Ornament

Pink Glitter Snowflake Christmas Tree Ornament

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These four inch snowflake ornaments come in a pack of 24 and look particularly nice on a white Christmas tree.


Pink Disco Ball Ornaments

Pink disco ball Christmas Ornaments

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These ball ornaments are just under three inches and covered with square mirrors that reflect light.


Pink Minnie Mouse Ornament

Pink Minnie Mouse CHristmas ornament

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A 3D resin figure of Minnie Mouse in her pink and white polka dot dress and bow.


Pack of Pink Ball Ornaments

Pack of pink ball Christmas ornaments

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These 24 balls are each less than two inches across and would work perfectly for a smaller tree.


Make You Own Pink Bell with Bow Ornaments

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