Our Christmas Tree “Rules”

Christmas tree


 A few years ago I stopped by a friend’s house  in late April and was astonished to see a fully-decorated Christmas tree set up in her foyer.
When I asked her about it — thinking there must be some of reason — she just smiled and gave a casual wave of her hand. “Oh, it just makes the house festive!” she replied before going on to talk about something something else.
I have no idea if they were just too lazy to have taken the tree down from the last Christmas, or if they truly enjoyed the decor of a Christmas tree in spring — I’m not quite nosy enough to have actually asked — but either way, the idea of any Christmas decorations being in our house after early January — let alone a full-blown tree! — would make my skin crawl.
It’s funny about Christmas trees; so many people (including myself) have very Very Strict Ideas about their tree rituals.
I have another friend who says there is no way she would ever put up the tree a second before December 1; it just feels wrong to her to put  a Christmas tree up in November.
I read that it’s German tradition to put the tree up on Christmas 24; to me this would feel like a total waste.

Here Are Our Own Family’s Christmas Tree Rules

I am adamant about getting the Christmas tree and decorations up on Thanksgiving weekend. The reason is because if we don’t, it will all too easy to keep putting it off, which would a) pile on the stress in December; and b) create a real risk of having it never go up.Another reason, though, is it makes a nice tradition if you tie it in with Thanksgiving. Here’s what almost always happens at my house: We start taking the Christmas boxes out of the attic while I pop Thanksgiving leftovers in the oven, set on low, and one of the kids sets up the soundtrack to Charlie Brown Christmas.

We all set up decorations together as Vince Guaraldi’s music fills the air,  along with the smell of turkey and stuffing. When we get tired, hungry, and/or in need of a break, we all move to the kitchen and enjoy our meal!

I love that this tradition, and I love that we do it the same way almost every year.


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