Nutter Butter Reindeer Christmas Cookies

Nutter Butter Reindeer Christmas Cookies


Our church has a Cookie Sale every year in early December, where donate cookies and all the proceeds go to MUST Ministries.

Rebecca made these for the sale last year, and they were a big hit, so she made them again this year.


The Ingredients

Ingredients for nutter butter reindeer christmas cookies

The ingredients — nutter butters, pretzels, mini M&Ms, and white chocolate chips

Most people use frosting for these, but Rebecca preferred to melt white chocolate chips in their place.



Breaking pretzels for Nutter Butter reindeer cookies

Cut the pretzels to make the antlers


putting icing on nutter butters

Gently split cookies and apply frosting (or, in this case, melted white chocolate) to attach the pretzel anlers


Putting M&Ms on nutter butters

Use frosting and M&Ms to make the eyes and nose


Finished Nutter Butter Reindeer cookie

Ta-Da! A reindeer cookie!


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