Nap Mats for Toddlers, Preschoolers, and Kindergarteners


Personalized Nap Mats for kindergarteners and Toddlers


These nap mats for toddlers and kindergarteners could come in handy for a lot of things, whether it’s nap time at school or daycare, sleeping over at a grandparent’s house, or just cuddling up on the living room floor to watch a Disney movie.

They all look fun, comfy, and colorful, and they have a built-in pillow. Too bad they don’t come in adult sizes!


Personalized Pink Butterfly Nap Mat
Personalized Pink Butterfly Nap Mat

These mats come with free personalization up to 12 letters. It rolls up easily and has a nice carrying handle. The blanket that is built-in to the mat is larger than the mat is wide, which means kids don’t have to fight to stay completely covered. These mats come in six different designs. I’m including my two favorites for girls (the butterfy and owl patterns) and my two favorites for boys (the sports and dinosaur patterns).

Personalized Owl Toddler Nap Mat


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Personalized Sports Toddler Nap Mat


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Personalized Dinosaur Toddler Nap Mat


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Nap Mats for Kindergarteners

Nap mats for kindergarteners and toddlers

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 The soft flannel blanket for this mat is about twice as wide as the mat, so you get plenty of coverage. The blanket is attached at the side instead of the bottom, which sounds like it would make it easier to get in and out of. Unlike some kindergarten mat covers that are big and bulky, this one is compact and rolls up nicely.
 If your child still isn’t convinced they need a nap, even with these colorful, soft mats, you can always watch this video together.

 Sesame Street — “Everybody Nap”

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