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Because of the very nature of Muppets, it makes sense that hand puppet versions of them would be popular toys.

I have fond memories of watching The Muppet show as a kid right before bedtime, and I got to enjoy them for a second round when I watched them with my kids.

These four puppets are all roughly ten inches tall and have a mouth that moves. They encourage creative pretend play and be used either by kids themselves, or by an adult entertaining a child.

If you’re looking for a Kermit puppet, check out the post I wrote devoted specifically to Kermit the Frog hand puppets.


Animal Muppet Hand Puppet


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Popular legend says that Animal was inspired by The Who’s Keith Moon or Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood. Whether this is true or not, he is the wild redheaded drummer who speaks in a combination of a grunt and shout. Frank Oz is quoted as saying, “You don’t mess with Animal. He eats glass, man.”

This Animal hand puppet in ten inches tall and has him dressed in a yellow and red jacket.



Miss Piggy Muppet Hand Puppet


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This prima donna pig who is famous for her karate chops started out as a minor character from Iowa and quickly shot into stardom. I’m old enough to remember when the book Miss Piggy’s Guide to Life was a best-seller and her face adorned many t-shirts.

This version of “Piggy” has a red and black bow in her hair and a painted-on pearl necklace.

The Muppets — Miss Piggy in “Snackcercise”

Fozzie Bear Muppet Hand Puppet


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Brian Henson sums up this furry character by saying, “Fozzie is always telling terrible jokes, but he’s just trying so hard you’ve got to love him.”

This puppet has Fozzie wearing his signature brown pork pie hat and a red-and-white polka-dot necktie.


Gonzo Muppet Hand Puppet


Gonzo (especially when he’s coupled with his sidekick Rizzo the Rat) is one of my favorite Muppet characters. He is an unidentified blue animal who, according to Wiki, is “known for his wild-eyed, optimistic attitude, yet he is also something of an intellectual.” Here he is sporting a daredevil costume complete with red cape.

Incidentally, I couldn’t find a Rizzo hand puppet, but there is a cute stuffed animal version of him.


Rizzo the Rat stuffed animal


Gonzo and Rizzo the Rat Visit the “White House”

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