Mixed Berry Mental Explosion Smoothie (with a magical secret ingredient!)

Mixed Berry Mental Explosion Smoothie with magical secret ingredient


Often in my life I’ve stumbled upon something really great without actively looking for it, and this is one of those times.

I was listening to the Evolve Your Wedding Business podcast and there was an interview with Karl Pilz from Nutrition to the Edge. He was discussing the number one cause of weight gain by far — which, in a nutshell, was too many simple carbs and not enough protein and fat.

Now I have certainly heard of low-carb diets before, but I had always thought of it as being yet another fad diet kinda thing. Plus, let’s be honest: I’m a big carb-eater. I love things like rice, Belgian Waffles, spaghetti, and of course, desserts!

So I was never eager to turn my life upside-down and give up all my favorite foods for something that sounded like it was probably a lot of hooey anyway.

But somehow this interview grabbed my attention. It might have been because Karl did a great job of explaining in clear terms exactly why simple carbs are a problem in a way I had never heard before and that made a lot of sense. Or it could be that I’ve gained enough weight that I’ve started to become shocked when I see photos of myself, and nothing has seemed to help, not even regular exercise.

Either which way, the next morning I started listening to Karl’s podcast, I’m Too Busy for Nutrition, and downloaded his smoothie recipes, which Rebecca and I tried for the first time this morning.

Karl advertises these smoothies as a way to “Double your energy in 25 minutes and start losing weight using a a secret magic ingredient.” I don’t want to steal his thunder and give away the ingredient, so you can go here to get the full set of recipes.


The Ingredients

Mixed Berry Smoothie Ingredients

The Ingredients (minus the secret ingredient)

8 oz whole milk

1/2 scoop chocolate whey protein

2 TBLS almond butter

2 TBLS chia seeds

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

Secret Magic Ingredient (click here to find it)

Then you just combine everything in a blender.

So how was it?

First of all, I’ll be honest: both the taste and texture is very different from smoothies I’ve made before or, say, a smoothie you would get at Starbucks.

But that doesn’t mean it was bad. Rebecca liked it right away. I liked it … but I think it might take some getting used to, since I’m used to having things like banana bread and coffee for breakfast, and the idea of drinking my breakfast is … well, different.

How about the promise of energy? Well, we didn’t notice a sudden jolt of energy specifically. But it’s only 9:45 am and I have written this post and done an algebra lesson with Rebecca, and she has practiced her piano and done her Spanish, and certainly neither of us are tired or lethargic, so that’s worth noting.

I’m definitely going to continue having these smoothies for breakfast for a week or two and see how it goes. In addition, I’ll see if there are some places where I can cut out some carbs without going crazy. (For example, last night we had hot dogs and beans, and I didn’t have any buns.)

I’m still not interested in making a huge, crazy change in my diet. But I am very interested in losing weight (not to mention having more energy.)

Stay tuned!



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