Mint Green Christmas Ornaments

mint green Christmas ornaments

Mint green Christmas ornaments are a nice subtle variation on the more bold shade of green that you tend to find at Christmas time.

I’ve always loved green. It’s a very peaceful, calming, and lush color. (It’s always a color that usually looks great on Irish redheads such as myself.)

When I was a teenager I went through a “green phase” when I had mint green sneakers, regularly wore green jewelry, and sometimes even wore green nail polish.

Well, I don’t wear green nail polish anymore — ever — but I do still really like green. And nobody has to tell you, of course, that green is one of the main Christmas colors.

Here are five pretty mint green Christmas ornaments I found:


Mint Green and White Christmas Ornament


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This elegant ornament is made of a combination of glass and fabric and is four inches in diameter. It comes with a silver cord, so it’s ready to hang. The lace detail gives it just a hint of a feminine feel.


Tinkerbell Mint Green Christmas Candy Ornament

Tinkerbell Christmas Ornament holding mint green candy

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My two daughters would probably both love this ornament with Tinkerbell sitting on a red and white peppermint and holding a mint green candy. My younger daughter has always been a big Tinkerbell fan (she even looks like her), and my older daughter’s favorite book is Peter Pan.


Mint Green LED Glass Christmas Ornament


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What a unique ornament this snowman figurine is! It is four inches in diameter and has LED lights that cycle from red, green and blue. Not only would it look great hanging from the Christmas tree, but also on the fireplace mantle, window sill, curio cabinet, or even a simple way to make a bathroom or kitchen more festive. Batteries are included, and it comes in a gift box.

Mint Green Christmas Snowflake Ornament

Mint green Christmas Tree Snowflake Ornament

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This hanging green snowflake is four inches wide and made of strong plastic decorated in glitter.


Mint Green and Silver Christmas Ornaments

Set of mint green and silver hanging christmas ornaments

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This is a set of six hanging Christmas ornaments of two different shapes. The round ones are five inches long, and the long ones are six inches long. They are made of glass and have silver beadwork all around.


Mint Green Glass Owl Christmas Ornament


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This mercury glass owl ornament is shown here in mint green, but it also comes in nine other colors, including gold, copper, light blue, and red. It comes in a set of three ornaments, with each being three and a half inches high and two inches wide.




If you’d like to draw your own mint green Christmas ornament, here’s an easy-to-follow video tutorial:

How to Draw a Christmas Tree Ornament

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