Minnie Mouse Toy Boxes for Girls

Minnie Mouse tox boxes, bins, and organizers for girls


These Minnie Mouse toy boxes are soft, colorful, and great for a little girl’s bedroom or playroom. My younger daughter, who is now thirteen, has always been crazy about Minnie Mouse, so I guess I’m a little partial to All Things Minnie.

If your little Minnie Mouse fan has a brother, you may want to check out my post about Mickey Mouse toy boxes for boys.


Minnie Mouse Toy Storage Bins for Girls

Minnie Mouse Toy storage bins Organizer for girls

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This purple toy organizer has five fabric storage binsĀ (three small, two medium) and a toy box as a bottom tier. What’s nice about this is that you can separate different types of toys based on size and the smaller toys aren’t as likely to get hidden or buried. There are no sharp edges on any of the bins, which are made up of sturdy fabric with inserts to keep them from caving.



Minnie Mouse Toy Box Organizer

Minnie Mouse Book and Toy Box Organizer Bins for Girls

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This toy and book organizer is easy to assemble and is 36 inches wide and 30.5 inches high.

What I like about this is the top shelf that holds about 30 books in way that children can easily see them and access them, similar to a book display in a preschool classroom. It’s also a nice area for storing a few stuffed animals. If you’re buying it for a very little girl, the bins work well for storing pull-ups and diapers as well as toys.



Minnie Mouse Hamper Toy Storage for Girls

Minnie Mouse hamper toy storage for girls

This hamper was probably intended for laundry, but it also works great for light toys like dolls and stuffed animals. It’s also good for “dragging and dumping,” and for very little ones to climb in with my stuffed friends and create their own cozy little home. It’s made of 100 percent polyester with mesh siding and reinforced carry handles.


I think my favorite of the three is the book and toy organizer. Which is your favorite?


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Classics – “The Nifty Nineties”

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