Minnie Mouse Ride On Toys

Minnie Mouse Ride On ToysThe first time we left Disney, my kids couldn’t get their hands on enough memorabilia. Everything had to have black ears and red and white polka dots.

So I know how enchanting the following Minnie Mouse ride on toys will be to little girls and boys who are dying for some adventurous rides at home.

I’ve scouted out the ones I thought were best based on their features, safety, colors, and fun factor. There’s something for…well…all ages from toddler to young children.

Hot Pink Minnie Mouse Ride On Jeep
Hot Pink Minnie Mouse Ride On Jeep

This pink jeep has dimensions of 45″L x 33″W x 28″H and is, over covered with pictures of Minnie. It has a steering radio with a pretend radio that plays music (3 AA batteries not included), and doors that open and close. It has two different speeds (the fastest in 5 mph) plus reverse, and can drive on grass as well as hard surfaces.

The seats are not adjustable and there are no seat belts.

A 12V battery and charger are included. Amazon reviewer B. Brooks points out suggests getting this quick charger so that you don’t have to wait for twelve hours every time the battery dies:

Quick Battery Charger for Ride On Toys
Quick Battery Charger for Ride On Toys

Minnie Mouse Big Wheel Ride On
Minnie Mouse Big Wheel Ride On

If you’re about my age, you probably think of Big Wheels as the ride on toy. It is recommended for ages 3 – 8 years old and has a weight limit of 70 pounds. There are three different positions for the seat, so you can adjust it over the years. All the tools needed for assembly are included.

If you want to go all-out, you can get this Minnie Mouse toddler helmet to go with it:

Pink Toddler Minnie Mouse Helmet with Bow
Pink Toddler Minnie Mouse Helmet with Bow

Minnie Mouse Ride On Airplane
Minnie Mouse Ride On Airplane

This ride on airplane is for toddlers about 1-3 years old. It comes with a handle, so if your little one is too small to push herself yet, you can push her around while she sets her feet on the airplane wings. (However, the handle is a little on the short, so be prepared to have to bend down if you do this.)

The airplane has moving propellers that light up, a seat that opens up for toy storage, and even a little shape sorter with four plastic blocks in the back. Oh, and there is a plastic wedge behind the back wheel so your child doesn’t flip backwards while riding. It’s a very cleverly-designed toy.

Pink Buggy Minnie Mouse Ride On Toy
Pink and Purple Buggy Minnie Mouse Ride On Toy

Girls ages 12-36 months will love this pink, purple, and white buggy. It has a horn to honk, a steering wheel to turn (although it doesn’t actually steer the vehicle), and a dial that turns to make different sounds, such as a revving engine.

This toy can be used as a walker as well as a ride-on. It’s designed so that it won’t tip over when a toddler pushes it from behind.

One thing I really like about this toy is that there is storage space under the seat. Little girls can pack it with snacks, a favorite stuffed animal, and/or a book before they go on a little trip!

It’s worth noting that a few reviewers thought this toy was too small, so be sure to double-check the dimensions (19.6 x 9.5 x 18.5 inches) to see if it’s right for you.


I hope your little fan falls in love with one of these as much as I would have at that age!

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