Minnie Mouse Kitchen Toys

6 Minnie Mouse Kitchen Toys

My two girls loved to play in the kitchen when they were little. I remember them setting up their own “restaurant,” hanging up a sign, writing up little menus (with many misspelled words), then greeting us and leading us to our seats once the restaurant was open. They would take our drink offers, then tell us what the specials on the menu were.

One thing they loved to do when they were even younger was … hmm, they had a name for it, but right now I can’t remember what it was. But I would set them up with a bowl and spoons in the kitchen and give them ingredients they could use. They might be things I didn’t use often and could spare, like apple cider vinegar, or some condiments that were about to expire. Or maybe I would just give them something fun, like what was left in the jar of peanut butter. They were to free to mix it all up in any way they liked … and they LOVED it!

And who knows what that creativity led to? My younger daughter was selected to do an on-camera cooking demo for the producers of “Master Chef, Jr.” (Although, unfortunately, she was not picked to be on the show.) Maybe that interested all started when she mixing up a gross combination of foods when she was four year old …

There are plenty of opportunities for girls to play pretend with food and kitchen toys without having them make a mess. I searched for the most creative, fun, and highly-rated Minnie Mouse kitchen toys and found these six.


Vintage Minnie Mouse Toy Kitchen with Red and White Polka Dots
Vintage Minnie Mouse Toy Kitchen with Red and White Polka Dots

This vintage-style kitchen playset is just beautiful and perfect if you’re looking for something that has more of a “classic and sturdy” look rather than a more “cutesy toy” look.

It stands just over three feet tall and has heart-shaped oven and cabinet doors that open and close. A red and white polka dot curtain hangs over the sink and stove area, a Minnie Mouse clock, a drink dispenser on the fridge … and even a cordless phone! How cute can you get?

The one downside to this set is that it’s a bit of a pain to assemble. Reviewers claimed that the screws were not labeled well and that the instructions were confusing. One person said it took them two and a half hours to put together. Ugh! However, if you’re willing to push past that discomfort, and you’re more handy than I am, it may be worth it for an adorable set that looks like it would last a long time.



Kitchen Set with Stove, Sink, and Fridge
Kitchen Set with Stove, Sink, and Fridge


This play kitchen set stands at two feet tall and has a lot of fun stuff going on in it.

It has an oven door that opens and closes, purple polka-dot curtains made of real fabric, an oven mitt, and clicking knobs. As you might expect from a kitchen set, it contains play accessories — over twenty of them! — including cupcakes, a cookie jar with cookies, cups, pancake, a frying pan, and spatula.

But there’s a lot more than just that. The stove burners light up, the faucets make running water sounds, and the ice maker makes ice cubes that are shaped like a bow — how cute is that?

It also has a cake that actually rises as it “bakes,” eggs that crack open, and a coffee pot with “real coffee.”


Yes, this kitchen set is pricey, but it has an awful lot going on, but it will keep toddler girls (and probably even boys!) happy and creative for a long, long time.

Reviewers claimed it was “a breeze” to assemble and only took about twenty minutes. It takes two AA batteries.


Cooking Set with Pots and Pans
Cooking Set with Pots and Pans


This beautiful set of kitchen accessories includes twelve sturdy plastic pieces including a lidded pot, pan, colander, measuring spoons, and a utensil rack with a spatula, whisk, and ladle. The colors are bright and there are cute little details, such as the fact the colander holes are in the shape of Minnie’s head.


Minnie Mouse Pink Toy Microwave

For some reason the idea of a Minnie Mouse toy microwave struck me as somewhat funny. I guess it’s the fact that Minnie has been around for decades, and now she’s a modern mouse who doesn’t have time to cook anymore, and instead just sticks stuff in the microwave.

However, I’m quite sure that little girls won’t care about any of that, and will simply love the fact that this microwave lights up and has sound effects, including some “Minnie phrases.” It comes with play food, including a soft pretzel, a bag of popcorn, and a pretend s’more.


Toy Blender and Smoothie Set
Toy Blender and Smoothie Set

You’ve heard of little girls playing “tea party,” of coure. Well, with this set, you can have a “smoothie party.” It comes with a battery-operated toy blender, parfait cups with spoons, pretend ice cubes, and various pretend fruit slices. The blender requires three AA batteries, which are included in the set.


Girls' Pink Apron and Spatula Set
Girls’ Pink Apron and Spatula Set

What’s better than cooking like Minnie? Dressing up like Minnie while you do it! My girls were both huge fans of dressing up when they were little, and in fact my younger daughter had a Minnie Mouse costume that she wore for two months straight.

This set includes a polyester pink and white polka dot apron that fits child sizes 4-6, plus a matching spatula.


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