Minnie Mouse Kitchen Toys and Play Sets


These Minnie Mouse kitchen playsets and other toys take a form of play that girls have enjoyed for generations and put a fun Disney spin on it.

When my two girls were little, they both loved to play pretend with baking and cooking. They would set up their own “restaurant” and write up little menus for us to order from. Now that they’re older, one of them often enjoys baking us real sweet treats!

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Minnie Mouse Toy Kitchen

Minnie Mouse pink kitchen toy for toddler girls

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This is a relatively small toy kitchen, with dimensions of 14 x 4.5 x 13 inches. The good news is that it’s the perfect size for storing away when you want to. (A lot of toy kitchen are permanent fixtures in the room because there’s nothing else you can do with them, which has its good and bad points.)

It has several sound effects: for example, Minnie greets you with a hello when you come to her kitchen, and the faucets make the sound of running water when you turn the handles. It has an oven and dishwasher and a total of eight pieces, including a cupcake and tray, heart-shaped pan, and two plates in two different colors (each with a bow design, of course!)



Minnie Mouse Play Kitchen Set


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This play kitchen set stands at two feet tall and has a lot of fun stuff going on in it.

It has an oven door that opens and closes, purple polka-dot curtains made of real fabric, an oven mitt, and clicking knobs. As you might expect from a kitchen set, it contains play accessories — over twenty of them! — including cupcakes, a cookie jar with cookies, cups, pancake, a frying pan, and spatula.

But there’s a lot more than just that. The stove burners light up, the faucets make running water sounds, and the ice maker makes ice cubes that are shaped like a bow — how cute is that?

It also has a cake that actually rises as it “bakes,” eggs that crack open, and a coffee pot with “real coffee.”


Yes, this kitchen set is pricey, but it has an awful lot going on, but it will keep toddler girls (and probably even boys!) happy and creative for a long, long time.

Reviewers claimed it was “a breeze” to assemble and only took about twenty minutes. It takes two AA batteries.


Minnie Mouse Cooking Play Set for the Kitchen


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This isn’t an actual oven, but rather a beautiful set of kitchen accessories. It includes twelve sturdy plastic pieces including a lidded pot, pan, colander, measuring spoons, and a utensil rack with a spatula, whisk, and ladle. The colors are bright and there are cute little details, such as the fact the colander holes are in the shape of Minnie’s head.

Minnie Mouse Kitchen Tea Party Playset


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I think little girls must have enjoyed having tea parties since time began. There’s something about both the appeal of a “party” and being able to “make” something simple, like stirring and pouring tea, that make this such a great toy. I know my girls had many birthday parties and tea parties where they set up a bunch of their stuffed animals.

This tea party set has seventeen pink and purple pieces, including kettles, cups, and spoons, decorated with either Minnie’s face or her ears.


Minnie Mouse Kitchen Pot and Pan Set


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Minnie Mouse Kitchen Blender Play Set


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This play set is a sort of variation of the well-loved “tea party,” instead it’s a “smoothie party.” It comes with a battery-operated toy blender, parfait cups with spoons, pretend ice cubes, and various pretend fruit slices. The blender requires three AA batteries, which are included.


Minnie Mouse Kitchen Apron Set


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This set combines the kitchen play concept with the fun of dressing up, which my girls both loved to do when they were little! It includes a polyester pink and white polka dot apron and a matching spatula.



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