Mickey Mouse Toys for Toddlers

Mickey Mouse Toys for Toddler Boys

If you’re looking for a toy for your favorite toddler, you probably can’t go wrong with Mickey Mouse. Everyone knows Mickey, and he’s been a friendly face to both boys and girls of all ages for generations.

We’re big Mickey (and Minnie) fans in our house. We’re lucky enough to live within driving distance to Disney World and have been there five times over the years. We visited Mickey and Minnie’s houses in Toontown (back in the days when it was still there) and have met him at both Chef Mickey’s and Garden Grill. There’s something about Mickey and Minnie that is happy and childlike without being overly cutesy, which is why I love them.

Below are four toys I found that look like a lot of fun.

Mickey Mouse Plush Toy for Toddlers

Plush stuffed Mickey Mouse toy for toddler boys

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Who doesn’t love a huggable, soft plush toy? All three of my kids had stuffed animals that that were dear to them. My teenager sometimes still sometimes sits and holds hers when she sad. This stuffed Mickey is seventeen inches tall, washes well, and is safe for babies and toddlers.


Talking Mickey Mouse Toddler Toy for Boys

Talking Mickey Mouse Toy for Toddler Boys

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My son loved trains when he was a toddler, so he would have been crazy about this talking train conductor Mickey, which particularly struck me as a good toy for boys. It has a string on the back that you pull to get him to say one of fifteen different phrases. Toys like this are great for this age because they like to be able to create the sound themselves by pulling, pushing, or tapping something.


Mickey Mouse Toy Clock for Toddlers

Mickey Mouse Shape Sorter Clock Toy for Toddlers and Babies

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This clock puzzle has twelve wooden block pieces in different shapes and colors. It also has a labeled hour and minute hand for marking the time. Great for developing fine motor skills, number recognition, and learning how to tell time on an analog clock.


Mickey Mouse Camper Toy for Toddlers

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Camper Toy for toddler boys and girls

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I love playsets like this where toddler boys and girls can act out their own stories with their favorite character. This set includes Mickey and Minnie plus a grill, umbrella, tent, fire, and hammock. Both sides of the camper open up, transforming it into a campground, complete with lounge, pool, and picnic area.


I think my favorite of these four toys is the simple plush Mickey, just because I’m a bit old-fashioned and stuffed animals still always feel like cuddly friends to me. Which of the four toys do you think your toddler would love the most?

Mickey Mouse in “Steamboat Willie”

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