Mickey Mouse Toy Boxes for Boys

Mickey Mouse Toy Boxes and toy storage for boys

These Mickey Mouse toy boxes are perfect for a child’s bedroom or playroom that has a Mickey Mouse theme. Any of these toy boxes work equally well for either boys or girls; the title is simply to make it a nice counterpart to my other post, Minnie Mouse Toy Boxes for Girls.


Mickey Mouse Toy Storage Box for Boys

Mickey Mouse Toy Storage box for boys

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This collapsible, lightweight trunk can store not only toys, but also books, games, and clothing. The sides and top are made of soft canvas and are a little thin, so it definitely isn’t meant for kids to climb up or sit on. At 30 inches long, 14.5 inches high, and 16 inches wide, it can hold quite a lot.



Boys’ Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy Box

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Toy Box for boys

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This toy box isn’t quite real wood, but close — pressboard material with a laminate design. Unlike the toy box above, toddlers and preschoolers can climb on this one, and in fact it doubles nicely as a bench.

It’s well-designed for safety, with rounded corners, smooth edges and a slow-closing lid. There is a one-inch gap in the front of the lid to avoid fingers getting smashed when it closes.



Mickey Mouse Multi-Bin Toy Box for Boys

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Multi Bin Toy Box for Boys

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This multi-bin toy box in made of fabric, with a metal frame and hard wood side panel.

The drawers come completely out and are more like baskets sitting on a shelf than actual drawers. Again, this avoids the potential problem of little fingers getting caught, as well as providing a nice way to transport a pile of toys to another room. This isn’t a toy box that works well for large toys, but is perfect for holding things like matchbox cars, action figures, small dolls, and all those small miscellaneous toys that pile up, like whistles and tops.

Mickey Mouse’s Friends in “Toy Tinkers”

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