Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “My First Microphone” Review

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My First Microphone toddler toy review

The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “My First Microphone” is a toy that lets toddlers sing and dance to their favorite songs from the popular Disney channel TV show. It also has flashing lights and nine different sound effects.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse “My First Microphone”

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My First Microphone toy for toddlers review

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 Mickey Mouse Microphone Description

Switching the on/off button on this microphone will make play the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song, Hot Dog song and Mouseketools song while flashing different colored lights. A sliding switch makes different sound effects based on which of the three different characters you select. Holding the bottom button with the blue music note allows you to sing along.

The flat bottom is a nice touch that allows the microphone to stand up when placed on a table.


Who is the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Microphone for?

The Disney Mickey Mouse My First Microphone is for both boys and girls, ages twelve to thirty-six months (although it is probably best suited for ages twelve to twenty-four months.)

Review of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My First Microphone Toy for Toddlers

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This toy is sturdy, portable, holds toddlers’ interest for a long time, encourages creativity, and the volume is low enough to not drive parents crazy.


Although it’s called “My First Microphone,” it isn’t really a microphone in the traditional sense. It amplifies your voice very little, and only if put your mouth up very close to it. Some toddlers may have a hard time understanding that you have to keep the blue button pressed down in order for it to work.


Amazon Reviews of My First Microphone

Amazon reviewer MetsGoon, who has a 16-month old, says,

If your child likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, then this is the toy for them. It has the popular songs, can take a beating and allows the child to sing or make noises along with it.



As both a musician and a Disney fan, I would definitely recommend this the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse My First Microphone. It looks fun and simple and great for kids who love music.


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse — Hot Dog Song

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