3 Cozy Large Knitted Christmas Stockings

large knitted christmas stockings

You can’t have Christmas without some great stockings!

First of all, they look so nice and warm and cozy. And for another, if you don’t hang up some stockings, where is Santa gonna put all your loot?

Large knitted Christmas stockings are great because they’re colorful, cozy-looking — and have plenty of room!

We’ve always had the red-and-white basic Santa-looking stockings, but I think if we were ever to do a Christmas decoration overhaul, I’d want to switch to something like these. They’re more interesting and more colorful.

(Of course, ideally I would knit my own stockings, which would be really cool … but I haven’t yet progressed to the point where I know how to knit something that isn’t flat.)

I love all three of these stockings. We love cats (and we own three of them, although none of them are black), so the cat stocking would be a nice choice.

However, I really like the look of the two knitted stockings. The “Old Fashioned Keepsake” comes in a choice of ten different colors and designs, and all of them are quite lovely.

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