Pigging Out at Golden Corral

We wanted to do something a little fun together as a family, since it was Labor Day weekend.

Some friends of ours went to Gatlinburg for the weekend. The girls have a friend whose family went to a lake house in another state (Rebecca went with them; Rachael chose to stay home.) I’m sure some people spend Labor Day weekend at the pool or having barbecues.

Instead, our Big Labor Day event was to go pig out.


Rachael really wanted to go to Golden Corral, and while that wouldn’t have been my first choice, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

I was shocked at how crowded it was. I guess there are a lot of people who aren’t vacationing at lake houses for Labor Day weekend.

Rachael told me that the fun of going to Golden Corral was “going on an adventure” each time you left the table with a new plate — like a treasure hunt of sorts.

Of course, I think the main reason anyone ever goes to Golden Corral is this:

 Unlimited desserts — the REAL reason people eat at Golden Corral!

Desserts out the wazoo! Bread Pudding! Banana pudding! Coconut custard pie! Chocolate fudge! Peach cobbler! Carrot cake! Ice cream! Chocolate chess pie!

Not to mention strawberries and marshmallows and a chocolate fountain …

Chocolate fondue — fun!

I’ve learned that the secret to eating here is:

1) Get the steak;
2) Get a few desserts, but only eat a couple bites of each one

So that was our big, exciting, holiday weekend event. It’s okay, though, because we have something really fun coming up in just two weeks. That will be another post … 🙂

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