Glow in the Dark Toys for Toddlers


Glow in the dark toys can be super fun for toddlers. Whether it’s part of a costume, party favors, or part of  a game, there is a certain fascination that comes with glowing toys.

When my kids were very little, we used to play hide and seek in the house with glow sticks after it got dark. Little Rebecca used to get scared, so changed the game to “hide and hug,” where you would hug the person when you found them.

If you’re shopping for kids (and adults) of all ages, check out my other post about glow in the dark toys.


Glow in the Dark Lizard Toys for Toddlers

Glow in the dark lizard toys for toddlers

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These glow in the dark lizards are simple, but sure to delight little kids. Each set comes with a dozen lizards, each about five inches long, in a variety of colors. They are great for favors or for a backyard treasure hunt at a kid’s party. They’re also a clever way to accent Halloween decorations. Amazon reviewer Mary C. Collins says, “These were perfect for gluing inside my large witch’s cauldron and they glow in the dark so they were perfect for my outdoor display for the kids on Halloween night.”


Glow in the Dark Toddler Butterfly Wings

Glow in the dark butterly fairy wing costume

My two daughters loved wearing butterfly wings when they were little. They would wear them with their dance costumes, with a crown or wand, or just by themselves. These turquoise wings with silver glitter are fourteen inches tall and seventeen and a half inches wide and include three replaceable AG10 Batteries. There is a button on the battery pack to activate the lights. The straps stretch and adapt to each child’s size.

These would be a perfect part of a costume to wear trick or treating on Halloween night.



Glow in the Dark Toy Tiara Set for Toddlers

Glow in the dark tiara toy set for toddler girls

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If you know a toddler girl who loves Disney princesses, they will probably adore this set, which includes one glow tiara, one glow wand, a princess necklace, and three glow sticks. This is glow in the dark that little girls will enjoy long after they stop lighting up.

If your little princess is a huge fan of Anna and Elsa from the movie Frozen, they might prefer this version of the same toy:


“Frozen” version of the same set



Glow in the Dark Toy Stuffed Bear for Toddlers


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Isn’t this teddy bear just adorable? It’s white, made of cotton, eight inches tall, and super soft. When you press the “On” button, the LED lights inside glow and change colors. This is a great gift if you want to give something a little more interesting than just your ordinary bear. It works wonderfully as a nightlight and cn be very soothing to toddlers at bedtime.

It requires two AA batteries, which are not included.


Glow in the Dark Toddler Space Puzzle Toy

Glow in the dark space puzzle toy

This 100-piece floor puzzle measures three feet by two feet and has large, sturdy pieces which snap together easily. What’s really cool is that it is two puzzles in one. One side glows in the dark, and the other side is a black and white version of the same picture which can be colored if you like. Pretty clever!

Even though this is listed for ages three and up, we did similar puzzles at my house starting at about eighteen months, with me handing my kids one piece at a time and giving them a little direction as needed. All three of my kids wanted to do the same floor puzzles over and over again when they were little, and their interest in them lasted for a good three or four years.


If you’re feeling creative, you can check out this video and learn how to make glow in the dark play dough with your toddlers.

Glow in the Dark PlayDough for Toddlers

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