12 Gifts to Make Your Favorite Teacher Feel Like a STAR!

Gifts for Teachers

Every Christmas and every May, I see the question come up among moms: “What would make a good gift for my kids’ teachers?”

I was a public school teacher for three years and a private music teacher for a few more, so here are a couple of my thoughts:

First of all, I remember one teacher colleague telling me that any homemade food she gets from a student goes straight in the trash. I’m not sure what her reason was, and I have no idea if that’s typical, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

More importantly, here’s what I suggest if you want to give a teacher a gift:

Write a note (it doesn’t have to be long or extravagant) telling why you liked this teacher, something they did that was helpful, something that your child learned or enjoyed about the class. If at all possible, include a photo of your child. CC the principal on it.

There! That’s the best gift.

But if you want to do something else (or if you want to give something more tangible as well), here are some cute and useful ideas that I found.

Mug Teacher Gifts

Teachers spend a lot of time during the school day talking. (In fact, I lost my voice for a couple days in the fall two different years when I was a teacher.) It’s important to have plenty to drink throughout the day, and what better way to do that than with a cheerful mug that makes you proud to be a teacher?


Tote Bag Teacher Gifts

You can never have too many great bags, and that’s especially true for teachers. They have to carry¬†papers and tests to grade, books for writing lesson plans, materials for a project they need to set up for the next day, you name it.

Jewelry for Teachers

If you’re shopping for a female teacher, something “teacher-y but also pretty” is a great option. My personal favorite is the third from the left, the burgundy one with a heart.


Also, if you’re the crafty type, a handmade gift is always fun and special. I’m not the best person to get advice from in that department, but here’s a video with a couple ideas:

DIY Teacher Gifts

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