Fun at the Farmer’s Market!

Fun at the Farmer's Market

I heard yesterday that a new farmer’s market had just opened in town last week. Rebecca, age 12, Benjamin, age 9, and I headed there this afternoon to check it out.

fun at sprouts farmer's market
Sprouts Farmer’s Market — new in town!

This was apparently a very popular activity, because the entire time we were saying, “Oh, I’m sorry … excuse me, can I squeeze through … Benjamin, you’re blocking the aisle …”

Not surprisingly, we spent a large amount of our time in the bulk food section.

Like Licorice? Here’s plenty!
We didn’t get any licorice, but did get some salt water taffy and chocolate-covered honeycomb (which I had never heard of before).
Salt Water Taffy

Chocolate-Covered Honeycomb

Even though I mostly got photos of candy, that wasn’t all we bought. They had fruit for fantastic prices — raspberries for a dollar a pint!

I had never heard of “Cotton Candy Grapes” before, but these were a huge hit in our house!

Cotton Candy Grapes — taste like cotton candy!

We’re looking forward to enjoying all these treats during the next few days!

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