Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex Dinosaur Toy Review

I got a tip that the Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex was going to be a hot dinosaur toy this Christmas, so I thought I’d check it out and write a review.

This is a huge dinosaur that roars, walks, has eyes that light up, and shoots projectiles out of its mouth. No wonder it’s such a big hit!


Description of Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex


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First of all, the Fisher Price Ultra T-Rex Dinosaur is a huge toy! When it stands at its full height, it is two and a half feet tall, and it weighs 24 pounds. Along with the T-Rex itself, it comes with three warrior figures, all with helmets and accessories like spears and shields, four boulders, and four projectiles. It requires four AA batteries, which are included


Who Is The Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex For?

I know some people don’t like it when you gender-label toys, but to me the Ultra T-Rex just screams “boy.” It’s ugly, it’s scary, it makes noise, it fights warriors, it shoots things. What more could a boy want?



The age range listed is 36 months – 8 years old, but I personally think a three year old might be a little too young for it. For one thing, it has a lot of small pieces, and for another, it’s so large that it might be hard for a child that young to manipulate (and even possible that they might be frightened of it at first). Another thing to consider is whether is how well your child can handle a toy that shoot projectiles — would they be able to follow basic rules about when and where they are allowed to shoot them?

I think this toy would be perfect for kindergarten through about fourth grade.

If you’re shopping for a very young dinosaur lover, you’ll want to check out my post about dinosaur toys for babies and toddlers.


This toy is too big for very young kids


Features of the Fisher Price Ultra T-Rex Dinosaur Toy

There’s a lot here to have fun with. Kids can use springs and levers to make T-Rex open its mouth or stand on its legs, and he can “walk” about two feet with motorized action. Different lights and sounds correspond to the different actions, including T-Rex’s roar and chomping sounds when he moves his mouth. He has a projectile claw, and both his mouth and boulder launchers in his chest can fire projectiles as well.


The Ultra T-Rex does not move very well on the carpet, which is definitely something to consider. Also, did I mention that it is huge? It takes up a lot of space and is not easy to store.

And, not surprisingly, this is a very expensive toy. Depending on your Christmas or birthday budget, this may be one to pass on, or decide whether it’s worth it to have less total toys in exchange for this one.


Amazon Reviewer Comments

Dr. E. on Amazon’s Vine Voice had this to say:

The fun-factor here is pretty serious. For us, we noticed that the T-Rex was one of the few toys that received multiple interactions. Many of our toys are fun for a day and then end up in the closet of “unwanted things.” Not so here. I think it is the interactive quality of this T-Rex (his literal sounds, the multiple pieces, ect.) that entice the children back to the battle again and again.

You won’t regret the bit of time to T-Rex requires to assemble it. And, as long as you have the spare room, it should never become another nuance toy. By all means, it IS tremendous fun!


If you have the room and tolerance for a toy this huge and you know a boy who loves dinosaurs and likes a toy where he can set up pretend adventures and battles, this Fisher Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex is definitely a toy to consider!


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