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Reviews of Drum Sets for Toddlers and kids


One great way that you can foster the love of music for a toddler is with a toy like a drum set.

When I was a kid, my mom used to make me a drum by stringing yarn through an empty container of Quaker Oats, which I would wear around my neck and play with two spoons. I was quite happy and, in fact, eventually grew up to be a music teacher and a professional pianist.

Today there are tons of more elaborate drums out there for toddlers and preschoolers. I decided to give a few of them a look-see and see what I thought of them.


Light-Up Alphabet Drum for Toddlers

toy drum set for toddlers and babies

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This drum has three different learning modes. In Alphabet Mode, it displays a letter of the alphabet which saying it out loud. In Music Mode, it plays music and lights up in rhythm. In Dancing Mode, it suggests movements (like “Clap Your Hands”) both vocally and with pictures.

Personally, this wouldn’t be my first choice for a toddler’s drum. In the first place, it’s too busy for my tastes — between the light and music and letters, the concept of drumming seems like it would easily get lost. Also, the drum makes a very low sound when it is hit, even on the loud setting, and you can barely hear it over the music that automatically plays on the Music and Dancing Modes.

 5-Piece Toddler Hand Drum Set

5 hand drum set for kids and toddlers

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This hand drum set is much more my style, and it looks like something I would have loved to use in my elementary school music classrooms. It comes with five drums that are five different sizes, with a mallet for each one. The drums are “real instruments” as opposed to being a plastic or electronic toy, and they are very durable. I could see not only toddlers using this, but also middle schoolers (or frankly, even adults). It would be fantastic for small or medium-sized groups of kids.

Wood Drum and Mallet Set for Toddlers

Play Toy Solid Wood Drum with mallet for toddlers and kids

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If you’re worried that giving a toddler a drum would produce a nightmare that would send you running for the Tylenol, don’t worry: due to its design, this wood drum produces different tones depending on where you strike it, giving it a more melodious and pretty sound that you normally expect from a drum.
This particular drum is sized for a 9-18 month old, so it you’re looking for a drum for a three or four year old, you might want to consider this larger drum designed by the same company for slightly older kids.
I like this wood drum for the same reasons I like the set of 5 hand drums — they are “real,” durable, and not over-stimulating. It’s worth noting that this does not work well as a hand drum, so if that’s your intended purpose, you should probably look elsewhere.

 Plastic Drum Set for Toddlers

plastic drum set for toddlers and babies

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If you’re not terribly concerned about getting a “real instrument” versus a “toy,” or if you want something inexpensive, this Like Tikes plastic drum would make a nice choice. It’s durable and lightweight and has slots on the sides to store the mallets. However, be prepared for it to sound more like “hitting something” than like an actual drum. Personally, I think this drum would work best for an 8-15 month old baby.

“My First Drum Set” for Baby or Toddler

My first drum set for babies and toddlers

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This is more of a baby/toddler toy than it is a drum — which doesn’t make it bad at all, if you understand that that’s what you’re getting.
Actually, I think this is a great little toy. It comes with centipede drumsticks, a “busy bee” maraca, jingle bell ants, a caterpillar tambourine, and two egg shakers. The drum itself has a big handle and a carry strap so you can wear it around your neck and march — and even better, the drum works perfectly as storage for the other instruments!
The drum is packaged with a gift card and little book, so it would particularly well as a gift.

Toddler Drum Set with Stool

Toddler Drum Set with Stool

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If you’re looking for a toy that best simulates the look and feel of a real drum set, then this is the toy for you. Complete with working microphone and volume control (yay!!), you can play along or along with music. There are several different “sound effect” settings, like a xylophone or bell, or of course you can just stick with a regular drum sound.

My First Drum Set for Babies and Toddlers


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Want to give your baby an entire percussion set? Then check this out: it comes not only with a drum and drumsticks, but also maracas, a flower tambourine, and castanets. There is even a small electronic bee keyboard with lights and sound effects.

I love this set because the instruments are easy for little ones to grab and there are so many different sounds and different ways they can make them. I could picture babies as young as three or four months old enjoying this set.


Drum for Baby and Toddlers that Lights Up


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This drum is good for babies ages about nine months and up. It has three different play modes and a colored light display that comes on when you play it. It requires two AA batteries, which are included.

Amazon reviewer GraysMommy points out something fascinating that I never would have thought of: this could be a wonderful musical instrument for deaf babies, who can “see” the sounds they create when they play the drum.


Toy Drum Set for Baby

Toy Drum Set for Baby

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Musical Drum Set for Babies

Musical Drum Set for Babies and Toddlers

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Wooden Drum Set for Toddlers

Wooden Drum Set for Toddlers

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Rolling Toy Drum for Baby

Rolling Musical Drum for Babies

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Whichever drum you choose to buy — or even if you to go with the empty oatmeal box like I had — be sure to be involved in your children’s music education. Dance with them, sing with them, clap with them, tap rhythms for them to echo. And most of all, have fun together!
(This Sesame Street video is a good place to start.)

Bert and Ernie Play their Drum Set

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