Dinosaur Toys for Babies and Toddlers


These five dinosaur toys for babies and toddlers are well-made, colorful, and just plain cute.

Kids seem to have a unique fascination with dinosaurs, which isn’t surprising. After all, dinosaurs are legends and real both at the same time. They’re huge and powerful, yet can be packaged and imagined to be friends and pets.

If you’re shopping for an older child who loves dinos, be sure to check out my post on dinosaur toys for kids.


Chunky Dinosaur Puzzle for Babies and Toddlers


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This puzzle contains seven pieces that represent seven different dinosaurs (specifically, a pteranodon, ankylosaurus, apatosaurus, T-Rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, and hadrosaurus). The pieces are big and thick enough that they can stand up, so they also work as play figures for toddlers to act out their own dinosaur stories. The pictures on the board match the puzzle pieces, so kids can match the picture to solve the puzzle and don’t have to rely on just the shape.



Baby Bath Dinosaur Squirter Toys


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This set of six dinosaurs in various shapes and colors are fun both in and out of the tub. They make an adorable baby shower gift and could even work as a cute cake topper. They also work as a good portable toy and are easy to slip into a diaper bag when you head to a doctor appointment, restaurant, or anywhere else that might require waiting time. They come in a clear plastic bag with a zipper and are lead-free, BPA-free, and painted with non-toxic paint.

Musical Dino Ball Toy for Babies


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My kids loved to play with plastic balls when they were toddlers, and this “Poppity Pop Muscial Dino” looks like something they would have played with for hours. It includes six colorful balls and plays eight different tunes. The baby drops a ball down the dino’s tail or onto his “back” to kick off the music and get the balls popping up, down and around. The balls can fall through a hole in the side and come out the dinosaur’s mouth, or sometimes they pop out completely, leaving your toddler to chase after and collect them.

Not only is this a fun toy, but it helps build fine motor skills and teach “cause-and-effect.” It requires three C batteries.

Plush Baby Arlo from The Good Dinosaur


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Whether you’ve seen the Pixar movie The Good Dinosaur or not, this baby Arlo hatching out of his egg is both soft and adorable. The egg has four holes for Arlo’s legs to fit through. It’s a little trick to get the feet just right, so an adult need to help — then again, some toddlers might enjoy the challenge. He can be unzipped and taken completely out of the egg. He is ten inches tall and has the “Genuine, Original, Authentic Disney Store” logo on his left back foot.


The Good Dinosaur — Best Moments


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