Dancing Mickey Mouse Toys

Dancing Mickey Mouse Toys

What could be more fun for a child than a dancing Mickey Mouse toy?

These two different toys I found have everybody’s favorite mouse talking, dancing, playing, and even joking around a little bit. They are both quite fascinating. My family watched some of the videos reviews with me and we couldn’t believe how complex some of the moves were!


Break Dancing Mickey Mouse Toy
Break Dancing Mickey Mouse Toy

Wanna “get down in the house with your favorite mouse?” Then check out Master Moves Mickey, a break dancing version of Mickey decked out in red and white workout clothes. He is bigger than he looks in the photo — eighteen inches long and over four pounds.

He comes with 6 AA batteries installed for demo purposes. After you remove him from the box, pulling a plastic strip out of the back of his neck in order the switches him from demo-mode to the regular, fully functioning mode.

Each time his nose is squeezed, he performs a different break dance routine, including The Windmill, The Spin Cycle, The Handstand, The Mouska Mix, and various impromptu moves. If he falls down, he says things like, “Oops! Clean up on aisle five! Can I get some help?” He also says other phrases, such as, “Let’s have a mouseka dance party” and “if you want more, just squeeze my nose.”

There is an interactive element to this toy, as Mickey gives you four different break dancing lessons.

It’s hard to describe what a break dancing Mickey Mouse looks like in words. Fortunately, some Amazon top reviewers like Timothy B. Riley and CKE left entertaining video reviews you can watch. (My ten year old son Benjamin yelled, “Whooah!” when Mickey stood on one hand.)


Mickey break dances on his head!


Do note that this breakdancing Mickey isn’t the type of toy that kids will cuddle up in bed with. And he needs to dance on a smooth, hard surface.


Dance Star Interactive Mickey Mouse Toy

Talking and Dancing interactiveMickey Mouse toy -- Dance Star Mickey

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Dance Star Mickey walks, talks, and does different dances to different songs. He moonwalks, does the freeze dance, plays “Mickey says,” and dances to “Shake Your Groove Thing.” Unfortunately, he does not do the “Hot Dog Song” from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

If Mickey falls down, he’ll make a cute quip like “man down” or “a little help here.”

Not surprisingly, he dances best on wood or ceramic floors. And he really isn’t meant to be a cuddly toy. He has a lot of electronic parts in him, so therefore he’s pretty heavy.

One of the things I really like about this toy is how interactive it is. I could picture little kids having a great time hearing Mickey talk to them and copying his moves.


Dance and Shout Interactive Mickey Mouse Toy

Dancing Mickey Mouse Toddler Toy

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Here’s a plush Mickey Mouse who dances! He can go in two different speeds, both turning at the waist and moving his arms up and down while singing. There is a button on Mickey’s shoe that activates the dancing. Like the dancing Mickey above, this toy is also interactive, playing games like Freeze Dance and Mickey says. Unlike the Mickey above — and I know this is a big deal for some kids and their parents — the Dance and Shout Mickey does sing the “Hot Dog Song” from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Talking and Dancing Mickey Mouse Toy


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Hot Dog Singing and Dancing Mickey


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Which of these dancing Mickeys is your favorite?


Mickey Mouse — The Barn Dance (1923)

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