Coffee on the front porch

One of my nicest simple pleasures these days is to enjoy a cup of coffee on my front porch.

We have a porch swing, and it’s very peaceful to sit outside in the morning, listen to the wind chimes and/or birds, and enjoy my coffee — and bagel, or banana bread, or whatever I’m having for breakfast.

The view from my porch
Our house was built in 1974, and while I sometimes wish we had a newer house with hardwood floors, high ceilings, and sidewalks in the neighborhood, it’s hard not to love the privacy we have here. There are few cars passing by, and I never feel like the neighbors are right in our face.
Another view from my porch (yes, I know we need to paint)

In fact, I’m sitting on the porch swing right now as I’m typing this — turned sideways so my feet are always up on the swing, and leaning against my awesome birthday pillow.

It’s quite wonderful.

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