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Two Books That Inspired Me to Clean My Closet

Life changing magic of tidying up book by Marie Kondo

A couple nights ago I went out for pizza with my friend Ali, and she told me about a book she was reading called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.   Ali seemed really excited about the book.…

Party Dresses for Tweens

Pretty Party Dresses for Tweens

These five pretty party dresses for tweens are perfect for weddings, school dances, confirmation, or other special events. One of the nice things about having girls, especially when they’re young, is that you get to dress them up. Both my daughters…

Waterproof Boots for Girls

Waterproof Boots for Girls

I was raised in the northeast, but my daughter were born and raised here in the southeast. It’s amusing to me that they have no idea what snowpants or thermal underwear are. They rarely need mittens or gloves (and half…