5 Great Christmas Tree Storage Bags with Wheels

Christmas Tree Storage Bags with Wheels

If you need some organizational help at Christmas time, these Christmas tree storage bags with wheels might be just what you need.

Storage and organization is always a challenge for me, and storing Christmas items is something of a unique challenge. Between trees, ornaments, nativity scenes, outdoor decorations, lights, garlands, knick-knacks, and you-name-it, there’s often a ton of stuff to store.

Not only that, but you have to find a place to stuff all of it that a) makes sense considering you don’t need for ten straight months; and b) isn’t going to let it get mildewy, smashed, or otherwise ruined.

We keep our Christmas decorations in a combination of letter boxes and one big plastic bin, and we keep the tree in the cardboard box it comes in. We store it all in our attic. It’s not perfect, but it’s worked decently for us for several years.

I was really intrigued a couple weeks ago when I discovered that you can buy a storage bag specifically made for Christmas trees — and not only that, but some of them come with wheels!


Duffle Bag with Wheels for Christmas Tree Storage

duffle bag with wheels Christmas tree storage

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This bag is large enough to hold a nine foot [disassembled] Christmas tree. It has three wheels and reinforced straps. Since it is a duffle bag, it does not stand upright.


Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Wheels

Upright Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Wheels

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This bag has a┬áheavy woven construction designed to keep out water, dust, and bugs. One reviewer described it as being “almost like a golf bag.”


Christmas Tree Storage Bag with Wheels and Zipper

Christmas tree storage bag with wheels and zippers

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This bag has three wheels, a built-in handle, and 3-sided zipper. Another plus is that is has straps inside that you can use to pull together the tree limbs to condense their size.



The more I thought about it, the more I realized you could probably use these storage bags for things other than Christmas trees. With three kids, we’re always having to store tons of clothes that are out of season, and I imagine these bags could work really well for that. I could also picture using them for storing baby or toddler toys, or possibly even as a bag for overnight trips.

I’m not sure how big our Christmas tree is, but I know it’s not “that big” compared to other people’s, so I bet we could use one of these to store both our tree plus some wreaths, a train set, and several of our Christmas stuffed animals!

Here’s a video I found that has some really clever ideas on how to store Christmas ornaments and other decorations. Maybe one of these days I will get all my stuff in better order!


7 Tips for Christmas Tree Storage

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