Book Review — “Second Life” by SJ Watson

Book review second life by sj watson

I loved SJ Watson’s first novel, Before I Go to Sleep.

Well, okay, the ending was a little cheesy … and if you actually spent any time thinking about it, you would realize it was completely ridiculous. BUT it was one of those books that I read in three days, that I would be reading after midnight and still find it impossible to put down. And not many books are like that for me.

So I was pretty excited when Second Life came out … even though the reviews were disappointing.

Well, it was no Before I Go to Sleep, that’s for sure. In that book, the premise was so intriguing: A woman was in an accident years ago and every morning wakes up with no memory of everything that happened since the accident. Whatever she does or learns during the day, she knows it will all be wiped out of her memory after she goes to sleep that night — yet she somehow has to figure out what really happened to her and who in her life to trust.

Second Life doesn’t have that kind of hook. Rather, it’s about a woman whose sister was murdered and she decides to get on the same cyber-sex sites her sister apparently got on so she can somehow find out who the murderer was.

Not only does this make no sense whatsoever, but it sounds … well, pretty dangerous and foolish. But it gets worse: This woman, who is married and has a teenage son, ends up having an affair with somebody she meets on this site. Is anyone that age really that stupid and shallow? It was hard not to keep rolling my eyes through a lot of this book.

Still, it was somewhat intriguing, and easy to read, and I did read it pretty quickly. It was sort of “dumb fun,” the equivalent of watching a goofy movie or eating junk food.

So … I guess you could say that I mostly liked it, but that I’m sort of embarrassed to say that I liked it.


… the ending was terrible, no question about it. It almost literally said, “What was she going to do? In that moment, she had to make a critical decision. And then she did. The End.”

Give me a break! That is just lazy writing, as far as I’m concerned.

Now to decide what to read next …


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