Baking Sets for Adults

Baking Sets for Adults


I found these four baking sets that would be great for a beginning adult baker, whether it’s for yourself or to give as a gift. They could either be for someone who has never baked before, or someone who is just furnishing a new kitchen for some reason — for example, a young adult furnishing their first apartment or going away to college.


Baking Gift Set for Adults
Baking Gift Set for Adults

Products are nicely packed in a clear bag and that bag, which is packed in a carton, making it perfect for gift-giving. I also like the fact that the pieces are a pretty combination of pink and blue.

It includes twelve Round cupcake molds, two round 9.5″ cake molds, a bread mold, spatula, pastry brush, and a squeeze bottle for decorating with icing.

Interestingly, some of the reviewers said that, although they don’t bake, these molds were perfect for making handicraft soaps. Well, what do you know!

10 piece Rachael Ray Baking Set with Red Handles
Rachael Ray 10-Piece Baking Set with Red Handles


Cupcake Baking and Decorating Kit
Cupcake Baking and Decorating Kit for Adults


This set contains everything you need to start baking and decorating cupcakes. It includes the basics, like a 12-cup muffin pan and different colored muffin cups, as well as some things I never would have thought of, like a spoon for sifting sugar and spices. This, too, would make an ideal gift.


Cupcake Decorating Kit with Spatula, Pastry Bag, and Tips
Cupcake Decorating Kit with Spatula, Pastry Bag, and Tips

This cupcake decorating kit was designed to work for all skill levels: Beginners can use it easily, but pros can use the tips to make advanced decorations.

Amazon reviewer Cali-girl, who describes herself as a novice, says, “Today I decided to make my first cake…at least one with the icing and an attempt in decoration. After a few hours worth of youtube channels from icing a cake to piping techniques (I told you I was a novice) I proceeded with my attempt… ¬†Everything in this kit is top rate. The angle spatula is the perfect size to handle small cakes (which is what I’m at) and cupcakes. So I made the 3 different shades of pink buttercream using Wilton’s pink gel color, adding 3 drops to the first batch and lessening each batch by 1 drop to make the gradient. ¬†… I used the big star tip to create flowers on top … Switching the tips was easy peasy and not messy at all. Clean up was quick and painless … BTW, this truly is the first cake I gussied up. It doesn’t look too professional, but I got oohhhs and ahhhs from my LOs and that’s good enough for me. :)”


5-Piece Baking Pan Set for Beginners
5-Piece Baking Pan Set for Beginners

This set of baking pans comes in either orange or aqua blue for the trim. It includes two 9-inch round pans, a 9×13-inch rectangle pan, 10×15-inch crispy sheet, and a 9×5-inch deep rectangle pan. All the pans are both heavy-duty and non-stick. Many reviewers claimed that the food slid right out of them!


Baking Tools and Gadget Set
17-Piece Baking Tools and Gadget Set

All the tools in this set are dishwasher safe except for the can opener. The price is very reasonable price for a 17-piece set, but be aware that you get what you pay for. These tools are made of plastic and are definitely not the highest quality. (For the “highest quality,” you couldn’t even get three of these pieces for this price, let alone seventeen!

So this a great set to get when you’re starting with nothing. Eventually, however, you may want to start replacing them with pieces that will last longer, depending on your needs.

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