Baking Sets for Kids

Baking Sets for Beginners

These baking sets for beginners are all geared for girls and boys who want to learn to bake.
I know I’ve had great memories of making Christmas cookies with my mom, as well as and baking with my own kids when they little. (My oldest daughter eventually lost all interest, while my younger daughter went on to become quite a proficient and artistic baker, as you can see from her reindeer cookies and cake decorating. My son has never cared for baking.) course the best thing about baking is eating what you’ve created.
No, wait, I take that back — I think the best thing might be how good it makes the house smell!
Here are seven beginner baking sets I found, with some of the details of each.

Cupcake Decorating Kit for Kids
Cupcake Decorating Kit for Kids

This colorful, 16-piece cupcake kit is designed for kids ages five and up. It includes a 6-cup muffin pan, frosting decorator, six unique decorating tips, six silicone cupcake liners in different colors, a frosting spreader, and a silicone spoon. The pan is a standard size to be used in a regular oven, not an EZ Bake Oven. The decorating pieces are much easier to use, especially for little hands, than the Wilton cake decorating tools and typical icing bags.


Baking Tool Set for Kids
Baking Tool Set for Kids

This is a colorful little baking kit that comes arranged in a box in a way that makes it perfect for gift giving. It is heavier on “baking tools” more than pans, and contains a spatula, pastry brush, mixing spoon, small rolling pin, and whisk, in addition to baking cups and a loaf pan. It includes includes five recipe cards for apple crisp crumble, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate dipped shortbread cookies, and vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting. It is designed for kids ages six and up.


Cupcake Decorating Kit for Beginners
Cupcake Decorating Kit for Beginners

If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive kit so your kids can try their hand at cupcake decorating without any big commitment, this is a good one to consider. It comes with a set of mini muffin tin liners, four plastic squeeze bottles with metal decoration tips including lids, five plastic decorator tips, a plastic spatula, and a pastry bag.
Amazon reviewer Raynee Branch does a great job of clarifying what this cupcake decorating kit is and what it isn’t:

When I first opened this to take a look at it I did feel like it was the perfect size for our little guy to handle the squeeze bottles, but they are very flimsy. They have an accordion bottom to make it easier to squeeze frosting but they are so thin I doubt they will last long. The metal tips are nice however. The plastic tips that go into the pastry bag and not the best quality but they are not the worst either. The pastry bag itself is a few steps above a disposable. You could probably get a few uses with it if you wash it very carefully. The spatula is on the small side for adults but perfect for little kid hands … Even though this kit is not amazing quality it is a great value for the price. I would consider it a reusable set but not for unlimited use. I would say you could get 5-10 uses out of it before tossing it.


Children's Starter Set That Includes Food
Children’s Starter Set That Includes Food



Girls' Pink and Green Apron with Baking Tools
Girls’ Pink and Green Apron with Baking Tools

This 11-piece kit has a pink and green apron, 6-piece measuring spoon set, a whisk, and a silicone spatula. One nice thing about the apron is that is has four short pockets and two longer pockets. The apron also has adjustable straps, so it can work with a variety of ages and heights. A few female reviewers said they were five foot three and used it themselves!

It’s worth noting that this set is also available in blue, in case you want to buy it for a boy or a girl who just doesn’t care for pink.


Junior Baking Set with Rolling Pin and Cookie Cutters
Junior Baking Set with Rolling Pin and Cookie Cutters

This is a 11-piece set of child-size pans and baking utensils. All the pieces are real, as opposed to toys, but they are small. The heart and round pan are for a single serving and can fit inside a toaster oven, and the tray only holds about 6-8 cookies. This set would work for a young child, maybe four or five, who would find it cute and wants to have a feeling of ownership when they bake.

Once you and your kids are ready to bake, you can make our very favorite dessert recipe, especially for when we have company — “Better Than Robert Redford”! It has a nut crust with layers of cream cheese, pudding, and Cool Whip. You can find the recipe here. Happy baking!

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