Alice in Wonderland Costumes for Kids

Alice in Wonderland Costumes for kids and tweens

Do you have a kid who loves Alice in Wonderland and needs a costume for Halloween or another occasion? I found these five costumes of Alice herself, plus one of the Queen of Hearts and a cute Mad Hatter costume just for girls.

When my oldest daughter, Rachael, was five, she went through a phase where she loved Alice in Wonderland.¬†She would get dressed most days in the one blue dress she had (although it was dark blue, not light blue) and tie a long-sleeved white shirt around her waist to look like an apron. She would ask me to go outside and hold a book and pretend to be Alice’s older sister, and she would tell me what lines to say so we could act out a beginning scene from the book. (I did this many times.)

If I remember correctly, she would even write “Alice” as the name on some school papers.

It never occurred to me at the time to buy her an Alice costume — probably because she seemed to be doing so well with it on her own! But if you want a more authentic-looking costume, here are nice ones to consider.

Alice in Wonderland Costume for Girls


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The back of this Alice costume has a small piece of Velcro for closure up by the neck, which is nicer and less cheap-looking than the more typical style of multiple Velcro pieces going down the back. It is a little on the short side, so be prepared to buy some white tights to go with it and perhaps even consider buying it a size larger than usual.


Alice in Wonderland Costume for Toddlers


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This costume for toddlers comes with a black headband, a little black ribbon bow, and lace on the capped sleeves and around the hem. The material is a little thicker than that of traditional Halloween costumes. The attached apron straps only go to the top of the shoulders and abruptly stop, giving it a bit of a “fake” look, but I imagine most toddler girls won’t care one bit.


Alice in Wonderland Costume for Kids


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This Alice costume comes in four different sizes and is made of polyester with a cotton apron. The largest size actually makes a nice choice for a short-to-medium adult woman.

Alice in Wonderland Costume for Tweens


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This costume comes in two sizes and is designed especially for tweens. With striped glovelettes and leggings included, it strikes a nice balance of being trendy without being inappropriate or immodest. It’s also great for a tween who wants a more “dark Alice” theme without actually going all the way into goth and creepy. Interestingly, there is a hiddenon/off switch that makes the fiber optic-lined skirt light up. Batteries are included.


Alice in Wonderland Halloween Costume


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This polyester costume comes with a blue headband and a ruffle trim petticoat. It is inexpensive, but described as “cheap and flimsy” by some reviewers. It would be ideal for a one-time Halloween costume for a very little girl who loves Alice.


Queen of Hearts Halloween Costume


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When I was in fifth grade, my school did the Disney musical of Alice in Wonderland and I tried out for the part of the Red Queen because I thought it would be fun to be loud and bossy. (I did not get the part.) If you know a girl who feels the same way, this is a great costume for them. It’s very detailed, includes gold trim, and has crinoline under the skirt has a bit of a hoop, making the dress stay poofy.

Unfortunately, the crown and scepter are not included, but you could either buy them separately or pick up something at a local Dollar Store.

Mad Hatter Costume for Girls


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This is a very unique and colorful Mad Hatter costume for girls — and yes, the pretty purple hat is included. The skirt is on the short side, so you might want to consider getting a pair of short and/or tights to go with it.


Alice in Wonderland — Mad Tea Party

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