5 Wooden Christmas Ornaments to Paint

Unfinished Wooden Christmas Ornaments to paint yourself


Looking for some wooden Christmas ornaments to paint?

When my two girls were little, they loved crafts of all kinds. I would regularly go to Michael’s and buy them foam craft kits and glue dots,plus things like pipe cleaners, construction paper, and pom poms that they could use to design their own crafts.

I bought an embarrassing huge number of things from Oriental Trading Company, which had sticker scenes (the girls loved these!) and all kinds of craft kits for any occasion. The girls did them regularly on their own, and we also used them for activities at birthday parties.

Now my son and crafts … not so much. While the girls would entertain themselves for long periods of time with stickers, coloring, and gluing, he was much more interested in playing with his car and trucks (and today, his Legos).

The great thing about making Christmas ornaments is that you can never have too many of them. Even if you did, you could easily start giving these as gifts to teachers, relatives, and neighbors.

Here are several wooden Christmas ornaments I found, in various shapes, that you (or your kids) can paint yourself.


Wooden Unfinished Photo Ornaments to Paint

Wooden unfinished Christmas ornaments kit to paint

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Each of these wooden unfinished ornaments has a small round “hole” to insert your own photo. This would be a good choice for a preschool or Sunday School class activity, or for a gift to send to relatives who live in another state. It does not include any paints.


 Unfinished Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Wooden unfinished Christmas ornaments to paint

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This set includes twelve of each of its four different designs: bear, snowman, gingerbread man and angel. They can be colored using markers, crayons, or colored pencils. Since they are so easy to decorate and come in a large quantity, this would be perfect for a craft fair booth, class party, or an activity during a Breakfast with Santa type event. The designs are intricate enough that even an adult could enjoy coloring them.


Unfinished Christmas Ornament Set with Markers

Unfinshed Ornament Kit with Glitter Glue and Markers

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This all-in-one ornament set includes ten reindeer, ten mittens, and ten ball ornament wood cutouts, plus three different colored glitter glues, and twelve markers. They come already with little holes and gold-colored thread attached for hanging.

Keep in mind that since this kit has a lot more ornaments than it does glitter glue and markers, you might want to have more decorating supplies handy if you’re working with a large group of kids.


Unfinished Wooden Snowflake Ornaments

Unfinished wooden snowflake ornaments to paint

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These wooden snowflakes come in a set of 24. They are 3 mm thick, which makes them thick enough for covering with acrylic paint and drilling a hole in the top for hanging. They are a simple enough design that people more clever than me could do some really interesting things with them, such as staining them, doing a modge podge design, spray painting them with metallic paint, or adding in embellishments like glitter glue or stickers.


Round Christmas Ornaments to Paint

Round Wooden Christmas Ornaments to Paint

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Like the wooden snowflakes above, this round ornaments are simple enough that they leave a lot of room for creativity. They come in a set of 25, are very smooth, and already have a hole in the top.


Once you’ve found the set that’s best for you and your gang, put on some Christmas music (like A Charlie Brown Christmas below), make some hot chocolate and/or cookies, and get to work decorating!

Painting Music — “Christmas Time is Here”

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