Large Lighted “Merry Christmas” Signs

Large Lighted outdoor Merry Christmas signs

I’m always so grateful that there are people out there who put up outdoor Christmas lights and large “Merry Christmas” signs and decorations. I love outdoor Christmas decorations, whether I’m driving home in the evening, or with the whole family, slowly touring the local neighborhoods eating Christmas cookies while we drive around and look at lights.

On the other hand, we don’t do anything for outdoor decorations ourselves other than put a wreath on the front door and hang a couple strings of frosted lights at the top of our living room window. We’re just too lazy (and too concerned about the neighbors hearing us screaming swear words) to hang lights.¬†

In fact, if we ever tried to hang lights, I’m sure it would be something like this — or worse.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

So to those of you who do successfully put up Christmas lights: Thank you! Your work is greatly appreciated.

These large lighted “Merry Christmas” signs are a great addition for you Outdoor Light People. They are simple to put up (at least compared to stringing lights) and will give a dazzling and eye-catching effect to your existing lights display.

In short, if you want to get some attention from passersby during the holiday season without too much effort, these signs are a great way to do it!


Large LED Rope “Merry Christmas” Signs

Large Rope LED Merry Christmas Sign

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This “Merry Christmas” rope LED sign also comes with a “Season’s Greetings” sign with a snowman, so you can swap out signs each year or choose to use them both. They come with stakes that go into the ground, then all you need to do is plug them in.


Large Indoor/Outdoor Lighted Merry Christmas Sign

LED Lighted Indoor Outdoor Merry Christmas Sign

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This indoor/outdoor lighted sign is 20″ long, 10″ tall and 2″ deep. It has a motion sensor option, but it does not include either batteries or stakes.

LED Lighted Large Merry Christmas Banner

LED Lighted Merry Christmas banner sign

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This lighted Merry Christmas banner comes with 163 pre-attached light blubs that claim to last up to 100,000 hours. The sign cane be set to rotate across like a ticker tape if you choose. At 22 inches across, this is not a huge sign, but it can be seen nicely from fifty feet away, making it a nice option for smaller yards that are closer to the street.


Neon Lighted Large Merry Christmas Sign

LED Neon Lighted Merry Christmas Sign

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This lighted sign comes with a hanging chain, electrical chain, and an on/off switch. It measures nineteen inches across and ten inches high and has bright LED flashing lights.

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